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Five essential items to help cut down the clutter in your bathroom.

Five Essential Items for Your Bathroom:

Electronic Toothbrush

· If you've caught on to the latest trend of the vibrating or pulsating toothbrush but hate the bulk of the charging base- your prayers have been answered. Enter the Oral B Pulsonic Toothbrush.

· Oral B has the sleekest stainless base design out there and the toothbrush has been hyped at removing surface stains on teeth by up to 94% in just two weeks. Where you will put the messy tube of toothpaste is another issue, but you wont need to invest in anymore whitening strips.

OralB Pulsonic Toothbrush, $69.99


Body Wash

· We all need our body wash, but if were looking to save space why not go for the ultimate multi-tasking body wash! Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Body Wash goes beyond the basic body bar. It gives super hydration, moisture and fights the 7 signs of aging. No soap on a rope!

· Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Body Wash 7-in-1, $7.99


The InStyler

· The ratty hairbrush, straightener, curling iron and hairdryer can certainly be updated ladies. Check out the InStyler. It does actually work at straightening, curling or bumping the ends and also works at blowing out for smoothness. I wouldnt recommend it for super wet hair so you will still need to hide your dryer somewhere, but all the other tools it can definitely replace, leading to les cords and less mess.

· The InStyler, $99.00



· And finally, we all love our makeup, and with a wide selection of makeup comes a lot of brushes for application. CoverGirl launched their new Smokey Shadow Blast and it really is the simplest application process in a lipstick like wand without the need of a single brush! And the colors are completely blendable (demo) hence achieving the smoky eye uber easy.

· CoverGirl Smoky Shadow Blast, $7.99


Sun block

· Cetaphil Sun block, $14


Storage Containers and Cabinet Products:







Mickey Williams, Makeup Artist


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