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Updating a Master Bedroom

Updating a Master Bedroom

Lisa Quinn reveals how she transformed a room stuck in the 1970's into an updated and comfortable retreat.

The Inside Scoop for the Master Bedroom Makeover
By Fabian Scrivani

Wall Color:
While darker colors may take a few more coats than lighter tones, they are more than worth the extra effort and can make a room feel cozy and visually define the boundaries of a space. In this bedroom, painting the walls a rich, rusty saffron adds instant warmth and makes a bold statement. Keeping the focal wall a golden neutral allows for more contrast for the artwork and allows light from the sconces to cast a soothing glow. If you are unsure about picking a warmer color and want to try it out, you can almost never go wrong with colors from nature like browns, taupe, gray, mustard, and sage green. For a much bolder effect, colors like navy blue, eggplant purple, and raspberry can serve as a dramatic backdrop for a contemporary design and will make light and white colors/objects pop.

Art Work:
The homeowner's loved peacock feathers, and we took that along with vintage botanical prints as our inspiration. A little bit of time and some gold paint created beautiful, stylized renderings of peacock feathers that are accentuated further by black photo mats and in-expensive frames. Hanging the renderings with the same or slightly different images in mass creates a chic, contemporary take on the botanical prints. Going high on the wall with your art will force the eye upwards and make the room appear taller.

Storage was a major concern when designing the space. The tall cabinets beside the bed function as double duty wardrobes for clothes storage and act as a sort of headboard that defines the sleeping area. Mounting lights directly to the cabinets eliminates the need for night tables, and when dimmed, the lights will cast a romantic glow.

We chose an unconventional way of mounting drapery in this bedroom, but believe me, there is a method to the madness. A ton of natural daylight enters the space everyday making the room very warm and overly bright. The conventional way of addressing this issue is to first hang a sheer drape for light filtering, then a drape for light control. Because of the direct sunlight, sheer drapes would become brittle and constantly need to be replaced. Choosing a heavy fabric in place of the sheer is a practical solution because they can be closed during the day, keeping the room cool. A black-out, fabric lined taupe velvet makes up the first layer, and a decorative floral sheer tops it. The best part? The sheer drape will last indefinitely, and the taupe color from the drape in front makes the pattern in the sheer come alive, creating a beautiful lace look.

The rug at the foot of the bed defines the sleeping area and brings the orange accent color we used around the room onto the floor. Wool rugs feel great underfoot and are very durable, making them a great choice for bedrooms. Our rug has a beautiful geometric pattern, giving it a wonderful graphic quality that picks up the geometry in the feather renderings mounted above the bed and the lace pattern in the sheer drapes.

Photo Gallery: Bedroom Stuck in the 70's
Check out the before and after photos of Lisa Quinn's master bedroom makeover.
Bedroom Stuck in the 70's

Bedroom Stuck in the 70's

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