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Tim and Jamie's New Bedroom

Lisa Quinn transforms Tim and Jamie's room. She addresses all of their needs and creates a wonderful space for the couple. They need it with a baby on the way.

The Inside Scoop for a Master Bedroom Makeover
by Fabian Scrivani

This week on Home with Lisa Quinn, we headed across the bay to gorgeous Sausalito to help out a couple with a bland master bedroom. Meet Tim and Jamie. Both are young working professionals who have a great home in Sausalito with some incredible views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. They requested a makeover for their master bedroom and were hoping for a little more style-- any style other than bland beige and white! Jamie is expecting a baby soon and has been focusing her energy on getting the nursery together, so the couple hasn't had much time to think about decorating their bedroom. Lisa and the crew were feeling totally inspired by the incredible views, so we ran with it!

Lets talk about paint color for a second. Typically, bedrooms are not done in bold or super bright colors as the mood is meant to be more relaxed. Whites and crème are typically within a general comfort zone for most, but that can seem monotonous after a while. Gray is terribly chic at the moment, and reads as a neutral that blends well with everything. We chose a soothing steely-gray for the walls that reads almost pale blue to set a calming mood.

The focal point of any bedroom is always the bed, and Lisa made a huge GLAM statement by creating one from scratch. She started with a piece of plywood that she had cut to size at a hardware store. Next, she wrapped a cowhide around it-- basically upholstering it and stapling from behind. To keep the edges crisp and clean, sharp scissors were a must. To take the look from cowboy to chic, store-bought nail head trim in a silver finish added sparkle and was super easy to apply. Once done, She simply lifted it into place over the bed and made sure the mattress and frame were secure.

Other furniture in the room included two tall mirrored wardrobes from IKEA that will provide a ton of extra storage. Surface mounted sconces and magazine racks on the sides of the wardrobes eliminate the need for end tables in a tight space. We kept accessories cohesive by using deep blues and turquoise, shiny metallics, and adding a bit of greenery to liven things up. A new desk by the window is the perfect spot for using a laptop and sorting the mail. A wall mounted flat screen above it saves a bunch of floor space-- TIP: invest in a good mount that has a swivel-- they allow a T.V. to move in all directions-- no glare issues!

Creating a Stylish Master Bedroom

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