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The Ultimate Backyard Retreat

Lisa Quinn goes on a tour of Sunset Magazine's best outdoor designs of 2012. The editor-in-chief Kitty Morgan shows us how to turn your average backyard into a fresh, modern and romantic living space.

Every year, Sunset Magazine holds their Celebration Weekend to showcase the best outdoor living designs, and this time they're sharing their secrets with Lisa!

A personal look at some of Sunset's most innovative designs to create the ultimate theme of "freshness."

Key elements:

  • A comfortable swinging bed works to make your backyard into a real living space. This modern version of a hammock is perfect if you have a good sized backyard.
  • A fire-pit can be a romantic statement piece to any backyard. It's also the perfect gathering spot for friends that will keep you warm into those cooler fall nights.
  • Lanterns help bring light to the outdoors in a very romantic way. They're cheaper than buying modern light fixtures and make your space a lot more intimate.
For more information:
Kitty Morgan
Sunset Magazine's Celebrations

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