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The Single Gal Makeover

The Single Gal Makeover

Kim needs help recovering from a divorce, and a fun bedroom makeover is just the thing she needs to get back on the single track! Lisa Quinn develops a plan for Kim's room.

Picking a wall color can be every home owner's biggest nightmare. With so many colors to choose from, how do you make the right decision? Before you go out and spend the money, time and tireless hours, make sure you're truly in love with your wall color before you commit! These key tips will ensure that you find "the one":

  • While you're shopping, remember that paint is always more intense when it's all over your walls. Even if you love that tiny paint sample, go a shade lighter to avoid overwhelming your room.

  • Always test the color! Buy a quart of paint (less than $10 each) and paint a good sized vertical strip on your wall. It's important to see the paint outside of the hardware store, because the color can be influenced by the size, lighting, and furnishings in your room. Look at your paint sample in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

  • Don't forget about the ceiling! While white is the standard, colored ceilings can add a huge difference to a room. Imagine waking up to a fresh light blue or green to start your day. It's usually better to pick a lighter shade for a ceiling color, since ceilings are always in shadow. So if you want to match your ceiling to your wall color, buy a color one to two shades lighter.

  • What's in the rest of your room? If you've got some great artwork up on your walls, keep your color a lighter, more neutral shade. This will make your paintings pop! If you're lacking art and decor, a bright color can liven up a room.

  • Consider some unconventional types of paint, like chalkboard paint for kids! Watch Lisa Quinn makeover little Owen's room as she paints a floor to ceiling chalkboard wonderland:

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