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The Paint Color Debate

The Paint Color Debate

Carolina loves the color pink, but her sister Adriana does not. See what color Lisa Quinn picks for the room. And, Lisa goes shopping for beds and linens for the sisters.

Paint Colors for Teen Room
  • Picking a paint color for your teen's room can be a fun project. The right colors can create a space that really reflects their personality. Pick a color he/she loves and design an uplifting and comforting space for them.
  • A bold color can electrify a teen's room. You can use more than one strong color in a room with accessories and linens if they are of a similar intensity that creates balance.
  • Pick of a few samples of paint. Place colors on the wall in your room next to each other. Make sure to look at the colors in the morning and at night.
  • Once you pick a color, you'll need to find a paint finish. An eggshell finish is one of the most popular paint finishes because it has a slight shine to it, but it's not overdone.
  • A mat or flat finish has no shine and scuffs easier, but it is the easiest to touch up. .
Bed Options
  • Trundle Beds are great for space saving. It's basically a twin bed with a slightly smaller bed on rollers or casters stored underneath. The lower bed can be pulled out when you have visitors.
  • Bunk beds are another great way to create two sleeping spaces without taking up a lot of room.
Photo Gallery: Teen Bedroom Makeover
Check out the photos of a teenage bedroom that Lisa Quinn transformed into a fun and functional space.
Photos: Teen Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Makeover for Teenage Sisters

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