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Storage for a Tween's Room

Storage for a Tween's Room

Lisa Quinn shows off different storage options for kids' rooms.

Storage Tips for Kids' Rooms:
  • Pick a storage system that will help them maintain their room.
  • Use colored bins to help store kids' toys.
  • Find a good system to store shoes.
  • Use wire baskets to store clothes, so you can see what is inside.

Tween Bedroom Makeover

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An Unorganized Tween's Room
An Unorganized Tweens Room
Lisa Quinn checks out a tween's room. She finds a small space with lots of problems. Can she fix it?
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Create a Wall Mural
Create a Wall Mural
Lisa Quinn paints a wall mural in the shape of a head board above the tween's bed. See how the mural adds pizzazz and fun to the room.
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The Final Makeover Reveal
The Final Makeover Reveal
Lisa Quinn creates a fun and functional space for a tween.
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