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Smart Decor, Slob Proof Your Home, Housekeeping Myths, Slash Sodium

Tips for buying household items right the first time. Also, find out how to slob proof you home. Learn which finishes and furnishings to avoid in a hectic household. Plus, housekeeping myths revealed. Fresh and easy solutions you'll love. And, simple steps to slashing sodium in your home.
Segment 1
Smart Decor
Smart Decor
Learn more about some simple ways to make your home your own.
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Segment 2
Slob Proof Your Home
Slob Proof Your Home
Living with kids, husbands and pets can wreak havoc on your home.
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Segment 3
Lisas Housekeeping Myths
Lisa's Housekeeping Myths
Lisa shares some housekeeping myths.
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Segment 4
Slash Sodium In Your Home
Slash Sodium In Your Home
Top seven ways to slash sodium by 25% or more in your home.
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