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Small Space Living Tips

Lisa Quinn finds new ways to get the most out of your small space.

Small Space Living Tips:
  • Living space doesn't have to mean four walls and a ceiling. Use outdoor spaces--decks, lawns, etc.--as additional rooms.
  • Put every bit of space to work for you with multi-purpose furniture pieces like stools that can double as end tables or additional seating for company. Fold-down futons can function as seating and bed.
  • Let in the light and views to the outdoors. You'll be amazed how much bigger your space feels.
Jess Chamberlain is the market editor for Sunset magazine (and a contributor for the HomeBySunset blog). She's always on the hunt for innovative and thoughtfully-made products, inspiring homes and gardens, and creatives making the world a more beautiful place to live. Jess is most passionate about making sustainable choices the obvious ones and converting plastic-baggers into aspiring environmentalists. She also sometimes likes to pretend she's a photographer.

For more information visit http://www.sunset.com and http://www.homebysunset.com.

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