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Shiny Modern Decor

When Lisa Quinn goes shopping at IKEA, she focuses on buying shiny silver decor to modernize Jennifer's living room. Without throwing out Jennifer's antiques, Lisa Quinn finds a way to incorporate them!

The kind of furniture you choose can make a huge statement on a room. Let's take a peek at Lisa Quinn's choices for Jennifer's new living room!

On Lisa Quinn's trip to IKEA, she found this glass table that was the perfect size for Jennifer's living room couches. It brings a lighter feeling to a stuffy room and its round shape makes it easier to move around.

See it here: www.ikea.com

Rather than using ordinary bookshelves which may have been clunky behind the black sofas, she picked an open shelf with simple, geometric lines. This offered an organized space to put up all of Jennifer's photographs and lovely antiques.

See it here: www.ikea.com

Lisa also chose adjustable silver lamps for Jennifer. Their metallic sheen went perfectly with the modern look Lisa was going for.

See a similar version: www.ikea.com

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