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Rock Art

Learn how to make a personal and meaningful statement with rock art. It is a terrific way to save money and impress the ones you love with a special keepsake.


  • Take a walk and look for rocks that have a nice form or color to them. Have the rock "speak to you" in one way or another.
  • As always you can sketch your idea out first on a piece of paper, or if you are feeling inhibited just go for it. There is no right or wrong way to paint rock.
  • You can use just about anything to mark it.
  • You can choose any size rock too.
  • First clean the rock well. Decide what image would work well with its natural form.
  • One can leave the natural rock showing and simply paint a word or symbol on it allowing for its neutral color to be part of the art.
  • You can also paint the rock with water colors, acrylic or oil paints. Recently, I have been experimenting with spray painting them. It gives the rock I nice solid base. Then I just make designs like stars or hearts, write words, or even paint a landscape.
  • You can write on them with a sharpie or oil-pen from the local craft store too. I suggest writing "I love you" or something like that can make a sweet love letter or meaningful souvenir.
  • When I am done I sometimes glaze them with Modge-Podge or any kind of glaze medium to give them a nice shine.
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