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Make Your Own Jewelry

Discover how you can create your own personalized jewelry.

How to put together a basic jewelry piece:
  • Source materials that appeal to you and help dictate the design of the piece. Search local thrift and antique stores, flea markets and estate sales. Etsy is also an excellent way to source materials -- search their vintage sellers. Click here for an example of a piece that might inspire a necklace.
  • Next, you want to source materials that compliment the piece by focusing on repeating a common shape, theme, and tone of the medal. I sourced this chain because it is rectangular and hammered so that is has a similar shape as the patterns on the edge of the medal. You can choose to polish the medal with a simple silver cleaner or you can tarnish your chain and fasteners by using a bath of liver of sulfur (stinky but works well!). I suggest you have at least 24 inches of chain depending on the length you'd like your necklace to be. Etsy is also an excellent place to find a variety of chains and beads -- search their material sellers:
  • Finally using the same wire wrapping I demonstrated for Lisa, add gemstones with wrapping to connect your focal piece to the chain, create a repetition of gemstones intermittently along your chain, and attach closures of your choice.
Melissa Abercrombie is a mother of two, hunter of all things old and odd, children's craft instructor, and planning commissioner with a background in painting and printmaking. Her company, Blue Ribbon Salvage is the accumulation of two of her great passions... conservation and the arts. Finding new and creative ways to repurpose antique and eclectic items into jewelry, sculpture, lighting, furniture, and the like, challenges her to constantly change her perspective on the function of items. Melissa primarily focuses on the creation of jewelry from antique medals and findings from the mid 19th through the 20th century. Always sourcing materials that are unique or odd insures that Blue Ribbon Salvage will consistently offer pieces that can resonate with a variety of people. Finding new ways to revitalize otherwise unseen antiquities is a way to rejuvenate these items history and apply a modern reuse.

Make Your Own Jewelry, Decorating with Shells, Craft Projects

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