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Make Your Own Canopy Treatment

Lisa Quinn creates a canopy treatment to separate the living from the bedroom space.

Create your own canopy treatment:

A canopy treatment is a great way to bring privacy to a large room. It also helps separate one space from another.

  • Hang curtain rods from the desired area of the ceiling.

  • Put fabric or curtain on rod and even out accordingly.

  • You can tie back for a more open feel and pull together for privacy.

  • You can also create a faux headboard out of fabric and curtain rods.

  • Hang two curtain rods from ceiling at the top of the bed.

  • Hem, iron and hang fabric or curtain.

  • This gives the illusion of a headboard and is perfect for small spaces.

For more information on the crew:

Painting - Moondancepainting.com

Furniture Assembly - Konkordassembly.com

Furniture - IKEA.com

Junk King - junk-king.com

Paint - kellymoore.com

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