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Living Room Makeover

Complete Video: Living Room Makeover
A mom and her son need a living room makeover. They love to play board games and watch movies together, but their space is awkward. They need a place where they can hang out together comfortably and entertain guests. Can Lisa help them?
Segment 1
A Hodgepodge Space
A Hodgepodge Space
Jean's living room is nice, but the arrangement of furniture does nothing to maximize the room's assets. Lisa Quinn reveals some ideas on how she can upgrade the room.
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Segment 2
Shopping, Paint and Assembly!
Shopping, Paint and Assembly!
The crew gets busy shopping for furniture, painting and putting it all together.
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Segment 3
Create a Gallery Wall
Create a Gallery Wall
Lisa builds a gallery wall for the family. See how it changes the room.
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Segment 4
Clever Room Fixes
Clever Room Fixes
Lisa Quinn turns the hodgepodge space into a warm and inviting living room. She reveals some clever ways to make dramatic changes without spending a fortune.
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