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Lisa meets Samantha and Sebastian

Samantha and Sebastian are eager to make the most out of their small space. Lisa Quinn figures out what kind of furniture will help bring form and function to such tight quarters.

Studio Makeover Décor Tips

You can create a wonderful space regardless of size. Here are some ideas when trying to get the most out of your room.

  • Use multi-functional furniture to maximize your small space.

  • To help separate areas in a large room, create a canopy treatment out of curtains.

  • An entertainment system is a great way to cover a wall and add storage space. Choose solid doors to hide clutter.

  • Develop a focal point on a blank wall with canvas or artwork.

  • Pick a sofa with skinny arms to maximize seating space.

  • Wall sconces help bring light to a room without having to use table lamps.

  • Bring in an accent color with a piece of furniture like an arm chair. Or, an easier way is with fun pillows.

  • Use round tables in a small space for more room.

Maximizing Small Living Spaces

Other segments featured on this episode of Home with Lisa Quinn:

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces
Storage Solutions for Small Spaces
Lisa Quinn shops for storage solutions and multi-functional furniture. She finds an entertainment system and side tables for the space.
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Make Your Own Canopy Treatment
Make Your Own Canopy Treatment
Lisa Quinn creates a canopy treatment to separate the living from the bedroom space.
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Studio Makeover
Studio Makeover
Lisa Quinn pulls off a studio makeover that utilizes every space. Will Samantha and Sebastian like what she's done?
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