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Lisa Quinn's Most Challenging Makeover

Lisa makes over a small apartment with lots of problems. Can Lisa make this awkward space functional?

Small Space Makeover:
  • Avoid decorating room with bulky oversized furniture
  • Get rid of your clutter
  • Proper furniture placement can open up a room
  • Let light into the room so it will appear bigger
  • Use mirrors to increase the visual space of a room
For information about some of the furniture used in the room go to ikea.com.

Decorating a Small Kid's Room:

  • Use space in child's closet to put up shelves to store toys and clothes
  • Lighter paint shades generally work best in child's room
  • Use a rug with a duel purpose. There are rugs with tracks for a train or a road for a car.
  • Keep winter clothes or other seasonal items in storage containers under your child's bed.
  • Use small furniture in the room

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