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Lisa Meets Ron

Lisa meets Cobra enthusiast Ron. She develops a design plan for Ron's master bedroom.

Master Bedroom Decor Tips:
  • Clean up your clutter!
  • Warm colored walls can help unify a room.
  • Find pieces that complement but do not necessarily match your bedroom theme. You can find items at consignment shops or antique stores.
  • Use furniture that has multiple uses. For example, choose a nightstand that has great hidden storage.
  • Wall sconces are a great way to have lighting by your bed without taking up a lot of space.

From Miami Vice to Modern Bedroom

Other segments featured on this episode of Home with Lisa Quinn:

Shopping for a Headboard
Shopping for a Headboard
Lisa Quinn goes shopping for a new headboard, and comes up with a unique idea.
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DIY Overlays
DIY Overlays
Lisa Quinn shares an easy way you can modernize a plain dresser. She also puts the new headboard in place.
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Man Cave Master Bedroom
Man Cave Master Bedroom
Lisa Quinn transforms Ron's multipurpose room into a master bedroom that doubles as a man cave.
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