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Lisa Meets Jae

Lisa Quinn meets homeowner Jae. Jae hopes Lisa can create a design theme around her favorite colors, orange and green.

Living Room Decor Tips:
  • The living room should be a warm and inviting space. A place where you can relax after work. It should also be a welcoming and comfortable space for entertaining.
  • Usually you want to place your couch so that it is facing the entrance to the room. If you need to put its back to the door, place a console table behind it with art books & lamps to give it a more welcoming feel.
  • Invest in a nice rug for the room. It should also fit your needs for the space. If there will be a lot of foot traffic consider a large sisal that can handle it. If you want a cozy feel, go for a wool or shag rug.
  • If there is a large grouping of furniture on one side of the area, create a new seating arrangement on the other side to balance it out.
  • You can create a cozy feel add oversized pillows and a soft blanket to your couch.
  • Avoid clutter. Keep your knick knacks to a minimum.
  • Frame your favorite paintings and pictures. You can use different frames but keep them the same color. Framing your pictures and art will give them a polished and finished look.
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