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Inspiration from a Designer Showcase Home

Lisa Quinn visits the Marin Designers Showcase Home in Belvedere, California, for inspiration. She found a bedroom in the home by designer Cecilie Starin that is stunning and luxurious. Lisa plans to pull off the look for less in Julie's bedroom.
Bedroom Makeover Tips:

1) In a small room, the use of an interesting rug may make up for the absence of accessories and colorful artwork.

2) Use anti-slip underlays in order to keep any rug in place.

3) Chairs without solid backs ("airy spaces" with bars between) can make them appear as if they aren't taking too much space

Picture Perfect:

1) Mismatched frames can make a room seem very busy. To keep frames less distracting, use the same color frame or same kind of frame.

2) Putting pictures in matching frames can create a more peaceful look.

3) Using mattes in frames take away the 'busyness.'

Dry Brush Stencil Technique:

1) Purchase a stencil from Michael's

2) Choose a paint for your stencil design that is 1 shade lighter than the color of your wall

3) Get a little bit of paint on your pouncer brush (small round sponge brush with a flat surface)

4) Dab brush on paper towel to get extra paint off

5) Dab brush over the stencil unevenly. The more uneven it is, the better it will look. The end result should look worn and vintage.

For more information on the crew:
Painting- Varsitypainting.com
Paint- Kellymoore.com
Furniture Assembly- Konkordassembly.com
Junk Removal- 1800gotjunk.com

Click here to read Fabian Scrivani's blog on this makeover.

Segment 1
Lisa Meets Julie
Lisa Meets Julie
Lisa Quinn meets Julie from Benicia and checks out the bedroom to see if she can pull off a designer look in the space.
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Segment 2
Shopping for Frames
Shopping for Frames
Lisa Quinn reveals the key to creating a cohesive and modern look with your framed pictures.
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Segment 3
A Stencil Project
A Stencil Project
Lisa Quinn shows you an easy project to add a luxurious touch to a room. She creates a border on the walls with a stencil.
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Segment 4
A Designer Bedroom for Less
A Designer Bedroom for Less
Lisa Quinn designs a beautiful bedroom for Julie. She does her take on a designer showcase bedroom. See if Julie likes her new space.
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Segment 5
Web Exclusive: Lovely and Classic Lamps
Web Exclusive: Lovely and Classic Lamps
Lisa Quinn shows off a lamp that has a traditional and classic look.
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Segment 6
Web Exclusive: Layer your Rugs
Web Exclusive: Layer your Rugs
Layering your rugs can give your room a fresh look but Lisa Quinn reveals some tips for using this decorating style.
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Segment 7
Web Exclusive: Jazz Up Your Dresser
Web Exclusive: Jazz Up Your Dresser
Lisa Quinn shows you a simple trick to add a little pizzazz to your dresser.
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Photo Gallery
Behind the Scenes Photos: Bedroom Makeover
Go behind the scenes as Lisa Quinn makes over Julie's bedroom.
See Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
Photos: Marin Designers Showcase Home
Lisa Quinn visits the Marin Designers Showcase home in Belvedere, California, for inspiration.
See Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
Before and After Photos: Bedroom Makeover
Lisa turns Julie's bedroom into a relaxing retreat.
See Photo Gallery

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