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High Style Design for Less

Lisa Quinn turns a dull master bedroom into a fantastic retreat with a high style design. Lisa reveals how to get the look for less.

Inside Scoop for the Master Bedroom Makeover by Fabian Scrivani

This room was an absolutely incredible achievement in high design style on a budget. It was based on a Decorator's Showcase room that won much acclaim, and sparked a lot of envy. But seriously, who wouldn't want a gorgeous bedroom to come home to every night? The master bedroom really should be a retreat for homeowners, and more often than not, people tend to focus their energy and budget on the public spaces in the home like the living room or kitchen. I feel like it's more than OK to create a private oasis for yourself, because after all, you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, so the bedroom MUST be a spot for rejuvenation and a space you want to be in.

The main focal point in any bedroom is the bed, and we definitely made a bold statement by using a four-post bed in a rich espresso finish. A sun burst mirror above the headboard adds a circular element which softens the vertical lines of the bed, and the convex mirrored shape adds dimensional interest. Low night tables with matching porcelain lamps are a direct nod back to the inspiration room. Simple but elegant white on white bedding was the foundation for a great textured green throw. A fiddle fig tree from the San Francisco Flower Mart adds an organic element and adds greenery to the corner. In the inspiration room, there was an ornate, art deco style tea trolley with a beautiful silver service in front of the bed. It is FABULOUS in its own right yes, but not terribly practical for our thirty-something homeowners. Instead, we took the opportunity to find a comfy pet bed for the couple's dogs to take its place. How awesome is it that the silver finish of the pet bed TOTALLY coordinates with the color scheme in the room... hats off to Lisa Quinn, I must say.

We loved the wall covering in the inspiration room because it looked like it was an iridescent fabric, but didn't have the budget or time for it. Instead, we chose a silvery blue paint that picked up on the undertones of the fabric walls in the inspiration room, giving us the same effect for the cost of a few gallons of paint.

We took an inexpensive bookcase and lined the inner portion with decorative green paper to mimic the look of a very high-end casement piece in the inspiration room. Typically, casement is custom built to a designers specification and can then be detailed with ornate veneers and hardware. In the Showcase room, the designer chose maple cabinetry and had the backer board painted green to add pop. Our treatment cost just a few dollars and added more visual interest to the room because the paper we chose had a slight texture and vibrant finish.

A beautiful piece of custom art work using the colors in the room tied everything together and sat beautifully on the couple's existing Danish modern dresser. Candles and fresh flowers in a simple rectangular vase added a luxurious touch and finished off the room.


Don't be afraid to mix wood tones. I tell people to embrace beautiful furniture and bring it into their homes and not necessarily be worried about matching. In fact, the chic thing to do at the moment is to have different woods, metals, patinas, and glass in the same space. It adds character and a "collected" look. I will say that as long as there isn't extreme contrast, like blond birch and super dark walnut, but more harmonious tones like cherry/mahogany or warm oak/espresso, anyone can pull the look off.

Keep bedding neutral and use accents like pillows and throws to add color and interest.

Fresh flowers are an affordable luxury for any room. Choose hearty, green stems with tight buds that haven't totally opened up yet. This way they will gradually bloom over a few days and look fresh longer. Picking good flowers doesn't mean shopping at an upscale florist. To be totally frank, good grocery stores will have flowers at a fair price most of the year. You can pick them up while doing your weekly shopping and make it part of your routine to have fresh flowers every week. Be sure to buy only what looks healthy and firm.

Don't be afraid to modify furniture to meet your needs. The purpose of furniture is typically functional, but I feel that it's just as important to make sure the aesthetics are spot on. Paint an existing piece to fit your new decor needs. Have a sleek glass top made for a table with a great inlay design. Apply paper to your shelves and inside drawers for a surprise of color on and ordinary looking piece.

Top Design on a Budget

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