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Elegant Flower Arrangement for Your Party

Mark Milkint creates an elegant flower arrangement. It won't cost you a fortune, and it will really impress your guests.

Steps to creating an elegant rose arrangement:
By Mark Milkint , Event Planner/Designer
  • Use a clear glass bowl or container -- any kind will suffice.
  • Head outside and find some great foliage with large leaves.
  • Line your bowl with the leaves and place a water-absorbent design foam brick in the center of the bowl. Design foam can be purchased from craft stores for about $2.
  • Use one type and color of flower for a more dramatic look.
  • Strip all the foliage off the roses.
  • Remove the petal brackets and any guard petals.
  • Fold back the petals and blow in the center of the flowers to open them up.
  • Cut each rose to desired length.
  • Insert roses into design foam. Start from the outside and work your way in.
  • And, your spectacular arrangement is complete!

Bulletin Board Makeover and Elegant Rose Arrangement

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