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Drought Tolerant Garden

Contemporary interpretation of a classic Italian Renaissance Garden.

The garden has a modernized look, but still retains its Mediterranean charm. The design is based on an Italian garden including grottos, with a contemporary spin. The garden is low maintenance and drought tolerant, using native plant material.

Water wise plants:
Mondo Grass


  • Pick a minimal plant pallet. Choose 8 plants you like that are visually compelling; color, texture and structure.
  • Visit your local nursery or research online for the best plants to use in your area.
  • Use bamboo for an effective screening device between you and your neighbor.
Geoff di Girolamo
Surfacedesign, Inc.

Under the leadership of James A. Lord, Roderick Wyllie, and Geoff di Girolamo, Surfacedesign combines strong conceptual design, proven experience in project management, and a passion for craftsmanship and sustainability to create buildings around the world that accommodate the needs of each client and the contextual requirements of each structure. The firm specializes in a range of spaces, including estates, parks, corporate campuses, and municipal streetscapes. Its work has been featured in Dwell, Garden Design, Landscape Architecture, and Architectural Record, and it was named one of California Home + Design's "Ten to Watch" in 2009. Clients include corporations, real-estate developers, architects, planners, public agencies, and homeowners.

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