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Decorating a Boy's Room

Lisa Quinn designed a room for Owen, 6, that will hopefully spark his imagination. She created more storage for his toys and came up with a design that will allow Owen to color his walls whenever he wants.
Segment 1
Owens Bedroom Makeover
Owen's Bedroom Makeover
Lisa Quinn gets a look at Owen's room and comes up with a plan for redecorating the space. Plus, she has a few tips for decorating a boy's room.
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Segment 2
Chalkboard Wall Paint
Chalkboard Wall Paint
Lisa Quinn treats the walls with a paint that will allow Owen to draw on it.
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Segment 3
Venus Fly Traps
Venus Fly Traps
Lisa Quinn finds a Venus Fly Trap for Owen's room. Find out how to care for the plant.
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Segment 4
A Fun Boys Room
A Fun Boy's Room
Lisa Quinn transforms a 6-year-old boy's room into a playful space -- setting a stage for him to create amazing artwork on his walls.
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Segment 5
Web Exclusive: Hanging Curtains
Web Exclusive: Hanging Curtains
Curtains can change the look of a room. Get some tips for hanging them.
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Photo Gallery
Photos: Boy's Room Makeover
Check out the before and after photos of the makeover.
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