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DIY Canopy

Lisa Quinn shares an easy way you can make your own canopy over a bed; easy steps with big results.

Mounting a canopy over a bed is an easy DIY project with minimum effort for a big impact. Here are some tips for doing it yourself:

1. Measure and mark where your canopy will go. Our bed was centered on a wall with a window, so we used the window as our guide. You can stand on the bed with the length of the rod in your hand and mark with your pencil where it should go. We mounted our rod about 3 feet from the wall.

2. Select a fabric that will give you the desired effect. Sheer fabric looks very light and airy while a velvet or chenille looks more substantial and adds drama. An even easier route is to pick up a ready-made set of drapery panels. Be sure you have enough length, so chose either 96" or 108" length panels-- these are standard sizes that may vary slightly by brand.

3. Mount a curtain rod to the ceiling. We chose a medium length since we were trying to cover a full size bed. Hardware can be tricky, so run to the hardware store and pick up a few plant hooks. You will need to drill into the ceiling to properly secure the hooks, but it's worth the effort to avoid any accidents above your head.

4. Adjust your fabric so it drapes properly. If you are going for a fun look (think princess), you can allow for more gathering and fullness which will give a romantic, rich look. To keep things simple and contemporary, keep gathering to a minimum and the fabric somewhat taught. A great tip is to use a tiny strip of painters tape to keep the fabric gathered the way you want it on the rod. You can tuck any unattractive bits into the folds of the fabric and no one will be the wiser.

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