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Creating a Work Space

Lisa Quinn begins to plan out a work space that will be perfect for Tim and Jamie.

Finding the Perfect Desk:
You want to find a desk that looks good in your room but also fits your needs. You want it to help you stay organized!
  • What will you do at your desk? If you are just going to work on a laptop you may not need it to take up too much space. You might need a bigger surface space if you also have a printer and other gadgets for your work.
  • Measure the space before going to the store.
  • You may want to consider built-in file drawers to store your work and keep the mess out of your sight.
  • Remember to think about space for paperwork, pens and other supplies
  • Don't forget to include good lighting.
  • Invest in a comfortable chair.

Creating a Stylish Master Bedroom

Other segments featured on this episode of Home with Lisa Quinn:

A Romantic Inspiration Piece
A Romantic Inspiration Piece
Lisa Quinn meets with Tim and Jamie to discuss their ideas for the makeover. They hope Lisa will include into the design a picture which represents the place where they lived when they first met.
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DIY Headboard
DIY Headboard
Forget store bought headboards. Create your own unique and stylish one. Lisa Quinn shows you how easy it is to do it yourself.
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Tim and Jamie's New Bedroom
Tim and Jamies New Bedroom
Lisa Quinn transforms Tim and Jamie's room. She addresses all of their needs and creates a wonderful space for the couple. They need it with a baby on the way.
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Web Exclusive: Cohesive Look
Web Exclusive: Cohesive Look
Lisa Quinn shares her secret to making sure your room design comes together.
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