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Creating a Stylish Master Bedroom

Lisa Quinn takes a bland master bedroom and turns it into a stylish space. She creates a comfortable and tranquil room for a couple expecting their first child.
Master Bedroom Decor Tips:
  • Having an inspirational piece is a great help when designing a room. You can pull colors from it, and it provides instant coordination without a lot of effort.
  • Instead of adding artwork to your bedroom, add decorative molding for an updated look.
  • If you have a small master bedroom, a day bed may work well for you: It can be a place to sleep by night and a comfortable seat during the day.
  • Try not to place your bed against an outer wall. You'll be too close to the outside elements & noise. Try to arrange your bed along an inner wall without blocking the entry into the room.
  • If you have to have a television in your bedroom, try to pick a cabinet that will conceal it. You want to try to keep a peaceful calm feel in your bedroom for the best sleeping environment.
  • Organize your space. Don't keep bills and work stuff out where you are trying to sleep. Get rid of your clutter and your room can become a sanctuary.
Finding the Perfect Desk:
You want to find a desk that looks good in your room but also fits your needs. You want it to help you stay organized!
  • What will you do at your desk? If you are just going to work on a laptop you may not need it to take up too much space. You might need a bigger surface space if you also have a printer and other gadgets for your work.
  • Measure the space before going to the store.
  • You may want to consider built-in file drawers to store your work and keep the mess out of your sight.
  • Remember to think about space for paperwork, pens and other supplies
  • Don't forget to include good lighting.
  • Invest in a comfortable chair.

DIY Headboard:
Buying headboards online takes about 8-10 weeks to arrive. Doing it your self can save you lots of time if you're on a deadline.

1. Get a piece of plywood cut to the size for your bed. Department stores like Home Depot will cut plywood for free. Be careful bringing the plywood home! Make sure it is secured on the car or the plywood will take off without you!

2. Wrap material around the plywood. Lisa used a quilted brindle cowhide, she got it at IKEA. Staple it on the back side to hold material in place.

3. To keep the edges crisp and clean, sharp scissors were a must.

4. You can add store-bought nail head trim in a silver finish to add sparkle. Fabian found it at Jo-Ann's Fabric and Craft Store. To keep the trim in place, put a tack at the head of the chain. Then add another tack every 3rd or 4th loop along the trim.

5. Put the headboard into place and make sure it is firmly secured to the bed frame. In this makeover the plywood rests on the floor and the bed holds it in place.

For more information on the crew:
Painting- Varsitypainting.com
Paint- Kellymoore.com
Furniture Assembly- Konkordassembly.com
Furniture- IKEA.com

Click here to read Fabian Scrivani's blog.

Segment 1
A Romantic Inspiration Piece
A Romantic Inspiration Piece
Lisa Quinn meets with Tim and Jamie to discuss their ideas for the makeover. They hope Lisa will include into the design a picture which represents the place where they lived when they first met.
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Segment 2
Creating a Work Space
Creating a Work Space
Lisa Quinn begins to plan out a work space that will be perfect for Tim and Jamie.
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Segment 3
DIY Headboard
DIY Headboard
Forget store bought headboards. Create your own unique and stylish one. Lisa Quinn shows you how easy it is to do it yourself.
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Segment 4
Tim and Jamies New Bedroom
Tim and Jamie's New Bedroom
Lisa Quinn transforms Tim and Jamie's room. She addresses all of their needs and creates a wonderful space for the couple. They need it with a baby on the way.
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Segment 5
Web Exclusive: Cohesive Look
Web Exclusive: Cohesive Look
Lisa Quinn shares her secret to making sure your room design comes together.
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Photo Gallery
Before and After Photos: Master Bedroom Makeover
See the before and after photos of this master bedroom makeover.
See Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
Behind the Scenes Photos: Master Bedroom Makeover
Go behind the scenes as Lisa Quinn makes over a couple's master suite.
See Photo Gallery

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