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Creating a Dream Guest Bedroom

Lisa Quinn designs a comfortable and stylish spare bedroom.
Karen and Mike love to host their family and friends at their home in San Mateo but their spare bedroom needs some help. They wanted the room to be comfortable for their guests and include a small work space for Karen in the room.

Bedroom Decor Tips:

  • If you have a small space, attach a small lamp and shelf next to your bed to take the place of a night stand.
  • To add character to a plain bed, drape a colorful quilt over the end of the bed. And, if it gets chilly at night you can just pull it up.
  • Need to pick out a bedcover and curtains? If you've painted your walls a light color, go darker with your fabrics. If you have a darker room, go with lighter colored bedcovers and curtains.
  • If you have a neutral bedcover, make sure to have fun with your pillows. Find luxurious fabrics and bright colors for your pillows. Pick colors from your pillows and find accessories for the room that match. It will bring the room together.
  • Need inexpensive wall art? Visit thrift stores and flea markets and find all sorts of wall mirrors. Paint their frames all the same color and group them together.
  • Get more storage by finding bins that will fit under your bed. Label the bins and keep your seasonal clothes in them. Use a bed skirt to cover up your bins.
Day Bed Advantages:
  • A trundle bed underneath for guests. It's an extra bed that doesn't take up a lot of space.
  • It can act as a sofa.
  • Some beds come with storage underneath as well.
  • Day beds work great in small rooms, guest rooms and kids' rooms.
Using Kitchen Items in Other Rooms:

Re-purposing items from different around the house to solve a design problem can be a great way save money and add a little spark to your decor. For Karen & Mike in San Mateo, Lisa explored the kitchen section at IKEA. She wanted to find a creative way to make a functional office space that didn't look like a traditional office set-up. Her solution was to mount a stainless steel towel bar to the wall and attach hanging utensil baskets, but instead of filling them with forks and knives, use them as pen and pencil storage. Magnetic spice canisters with clear lids were also a great touch because they stick to the towel bar and are out of the way while holding little stationary odds and ends like paper clips and rubber bands.

Other Great Finds in the Kitchen Departments:

  • kitchen cabinet shelf liner-- great for keeping things in place if you have a slant-top desk or drafting table
  • cork trivets-- buy them in mass and nail them to the wall for a funky cork board
  • cookie sheets-- they come in different sizes and can be easily mounted to the wall and used as magnet boards
For More Information on the Crew:
Painting- Moondancepainting.com
Paint- Kellymoore.com
Furniture Assembly- Konkordassembly.com
Furniture- IKEA.com
Bed- Macini's Sleepworld- sleepworld.com
Junk Removal- Junk-king.com

Click here to read Fabian Scrivani's blog about this makeover.

Segment 1
Meet Karen and Mike
Meet Karen and Mike
Lisa Quinn visits Karen and Mike. They love to host friends and family at their home, but their spare bedroom needs help.
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Segment 2
Small Space, Perfect Bed
Small Space, Perfect Bed
Do you want a comfortable bed for your guests that won't take up too much space? Lisa Quinn talks about the advantages of day beds.
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Segment 3
Re-purpose Kitchen Items for Bedroom?
Re-purpose Kitchen Items for Bedroom?
Spice containers, cookie sheets and more... Lisa Quinn repurposes items from the kitchen to create a really fun office space.
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Segment 4
Karen and Mikes New Spare Room
Karen and Mike's New Spare Room
Lisa Quinn turns Karen and Mike's spare room into a luxurious guest retreat. They may have guests visit them that won't want to leave.
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Segment 5
Web Exclusive: Botanical Prints
Web Exclusive: Botanical Prints
Lisa Quinn searches for botanical prints to use in a future makeover.
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Photo Gallery
Behind the Scenes Photos: Dream Guest Bedroom
Go behind the scenes as Lisa Quinn makes over a couple's guest room.
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