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Creating a Beach Themed Room

Lisa Quinn creates a bedroom design with a luxurious beach vibe for Tracy who lives with her dad in San Francisco.
Tracy's brother just moved out of the house and she wants to move into his room. The bedroom has bright blue carpet. Lisa doesn't have a budget to change the flooring, so she has to come up with a clever design to make the color seem intentional. She decides to go with a beach theme.

Beach Vibe Bedroom Decor Tips:

  • A beach inspired room design should create a calm and peaceful feel in the space. Be careful not to go too crazy with the theme. Keep your accessories low-key.
  • Muted colors and light fabrics are perfect in coastal-style rooms.
  • If you have dark furniture, consider using a lighter neutral color on the wall to warm up the space.
  • You can use a painting as a focal point in a room. Pull your colors from it for a theme and carry it out throughout the room.
  • Add texture to your room with pillows or rugs.
  • Bedding for your beach themed room should be inspired by the colors at the beach, but you do not have to have seashells or surfers on it.
  • Find accessories that are low-key but bring your theme together. Lisa made a terrarium for this makeover. She also included a Manzanita branch.
Tips for Buying Bed Linens:
  • The higher the thread count is in your cotton sheets, the softer and more durable they are.
  • Merino wool blankets are great because they are really warm. Synthetic blankets are easier to wash and are usually non-allergenic.
  • A luxurious comforter will not only look great on your bed but will also help create a cozy, comfortable sleeping situation.
Click here to learn how to create your own terrarium.

To read Fabian Scrivani's blog about this makeover, click here.

Segment 1
Lisa Meets Tracy
Lisa Meets Tracy
Tracy's room is full of stuff and needs to be cleared out. Lisa Quinn decides on a theme for the space.
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Segment 2
A Luxurious White Leather Bed
A Luxurious White Leather Bed
Lisa Quinn shops for a bed for Tracy. She finds a luxurious white leather bed.
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Segment 3
Create Your Own Terrarium
Create Your Own Terrarium
Lisa Quinn adds accessories to the room to help create a beach vibe, including a do-it-yourself terrarium. Get a few tips for creating your own terrarium.
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Segment 4
A Beach Vibe
A Beach Vibe
Lisa Quinn pulls together a beach themed room for Tracy. Does Tracy like her new space?
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Segment 5
Web Exclusive: Room Color Themes and Rugs
Web Exclusive: Room Color Themes and Rugs
Lisa Quinn uses a gray shag rug to pull her design theme together in the room.
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Photo Gallery
Before and After Photos: Beach Theme
See if Lisa Quinn is able to pull off a beach themed room for Tracy.
See Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
Behind the Scenes: Beach Themed Room
Go behind the scenes as Lisa Quinn creats a luxurious beach vibe in Tracy's room.
See Photo Gallery

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