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Creating Pretty Outdoor Spaces

Find out how you can use recycled materials in your garden or patio to create interesting and pretty spaces.

Ami Saunders Gardens are a place of respite, refuge, and rejuvenation, important to the human spirit. Being in a garden, you cannot help but reap these benefits as they come naturally to all who enter gardens. My philosophy is that everyone deserves to enjoy being in a garden. I began with this idea, and immediately saw that traditional landscape architecture had limitations to sharing gardens with everyone. I felt constrained by the limitations of traditional permanently fixed construction because of the inconvenience, inefficiency and cost of onsite construction, as well as being limited to only helping a limited group of people - typically homeowners and property owners with available open land. I wanted to expand landscape design to be able to reach more people and more spaces with enjoyment of the garden. This has become incredibly important in recent years with the economic downturn. This could be beneficial as more and more people are being displaced from homeownership and entering the rental market, and we also thought to contribute a way for businesses to beautify spaces in a modular way, without the intensive capital costs of permanent onsite construction, as well as the ability to take the space with them if the business moves. I began a mission...

Our Mission: "To go where gardens have not gone before..."
Our Vision: "Everyone can enjoy being in a garden."
Our Offer: "Why build it when you can simply arrange it?"

Garden Title: GardenMob

Garden Description: Art creates the garden, when works of garden art, largely of upcycled landfill rescue materials, are arranged to form outdoor rooms and amenities. This garden is an expression of traditional garden concepts, deconstructed to the bare essence, and imagined into a modular and flexible garden form. The design team's philosophy is, "Why build, when you can rearrange?" The garden demonstrates a new way to transform traditionally underused spaces such as rooftops, balconies, parking lots, alleys, and rental spaces, into enjoyable outdoor living spaces. The garden also demonstrates ways to transform discarded materials into art. Featuring the work of local artists, each piece is a work that you can rearrange and take along with you from place to place, like furniture, to define garden spaces indoors or out. A nursery of historical significance is making a reappearance after about 60 years to the San Francisco Flower & Garden show, representing three generations of dedication to the craft, and provides mature specimen blooming trees and shrubs typically found in a traditional garden setting, showcased here in a new context. A new variety of Japanese maple is also on display, which offers colored bark throughout the entire lifespan of the tree. The inspiration for a modular, flexible garden was from the designer's father, who encouraged the idea to offer a landscape that could be easily replicated. This garden is the flowering of the original seed of that idea, and has been five years in the making. The designer continues to explore these ideas in collaboration with other artists and inventors, with the vision to extend the enjoyment of the garden to people everywhere.

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