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Building From Scratch

Building From Scratch

Building Kim's master bedroom from scratch is a piece of cake with Lisa, Fabian, and the crew. Watch how quickly they turn her room into a stylish bedroom for her new single lifestyle.

In this episode, Lisa Quinn ties together Kim's new bedroom with a beautiful suzani. What exactly is a suzani?

A suzani is a delicately hand-embroidered blanket made from India, which comes in several colorful and exotic patterns. Luckily, you don't have to travel to India to add a touch of exotic flare to your home. Lisa Quinn bought her suzanni on ebay, but you can also find them on other websites as well:

Search for "suzani" on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=suzani

Circa Trade: http://www.circatrade.com/ViewProduct.php?id=314


For more information on the crew:

Painting - Moondancepainting.com

Furniture Assembly - Konkordassembly.com

Furniture - IKEA.com

Paint - kellymoore.com

Creating a Feminine Retreat

Other segments featured on this episode of Home with Lisa Quinn:

The Single Gal Makeover
The Single Gal Makeover
Kim needs help recovering from a divorce, and a fun bedroom makeover is just the thing she needs to get back on the single track! Lisa Quinn develops a plan for Kim's room.
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Hunting for the Perfect Chaise
Hunting for the Perfect Chaise
Lisa Quinn goes shopping for Kim's master bedroom. It's time to throw out her old furniture create a beautiful space with the perfect reading nook.
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Revealing Kim's New Master Bedroom
Revealing Kims New Master Bedroom
Kim's master bedroom has been turned upside down in this brand new makeover reveal! The question is: Will Kim like it?
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