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Bedroom Stuck in the 70's

A viewer asks Lisa Quinn to help update her parent's master bedroom. It's a room stuck in the 1970's. See how the room is transformed and if the parents approve.
Segment 1
Master Bedroom Decor Ideas
Master Bedroom Decor Ideas
Lisa Quinn checks out a master bedroom that needs to be updated. She begins to develop her plan of action for the space.
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Segment 2
A Waterbed Challenge
A Waterbed Challenge
Moving an old waterbed out of the room proves to be a challenge. Meanwhile, Lisa finds a new mattress and linens for the bedroom.
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Segment 3
Great Storage, Curtains and Artwork
Great Storage, Curtains and Artwork
Lisa Quinn reveals great storage and curtain ideas. She also shows off an inexpensive way to create art for the wall.
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Segment 4
Updating a Master Bedroom
Updating a Master Bedroom
Lisa Quinn reveals how she transformed a room stuck in the 1970's into an updated and comfortable retreat.
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Segment 5
Web Exclusive: Artificial Plants
Web Exclusive: Artificial Plants
Lisa Quinn reveals the secret to buying fake plants and whether it makes sense to use them in your home.
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Photo Gallery: Bedroom Stuck in the 70's
Check out the before and after photos of Lisa Quinn's master bedroom makeover.
Bedroom Stuck in the 70's

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