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Beautiful Meadow Gardens

Lisa Quinn discovers the key to growing a beautiful meadow garden. Meadow gardens are low maintenance and are better for the environment.

Five tips about making a meadow garden:
  • Meadows are better for the environment than lawns -- consider replacing your lawn with a natural, beautiful meadow!
  • Before you begin planting a meadow, make sure the existing lawn and all weed are completely dead. There are organic and chemical methods for killing existing lawn and weeds -- choose the method that works best in your situation.
  • Groundcover grasses form the basis of the meadow -- they're the framework everything else hangs on.
  • They should be long-lived and well behaved.
  • The sizzle in the meadow comes from accents -- choose bulbs and flowers that work with your soil and sun conditions to bring beautiful color to your meadow.
Five tips about growing grass:
  • Choose the right grass for the right situation -- some thrive in shade and others want full sun. Some like wet feet, others need good drainage.
  • Some grasses are well behaved and others are aggressive. Both of these have their uses, be sure you choose the ones you choose suit your site.
  • Some grasses are long-lived and others are short-lived. Before you plant lots of one type, be sure you know how long it will last. Short lived plants make good accents.
  • There are two types of grasses, and the name indicates when they grow: cool-season grasses stay green year round, while warm-season grasses go dormant in the winter.
  • Even drought-tolerant grasses need regular water to get established -- don't wean them before they are ready.
For more information visit www.greenleeandassociates.com.

John Greenlee's bio:

John Greenlee is founder of Greenlee Nursery, the oldest specialty grass nursery on the West Coast. He is the author of The Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses and the award winning The American Meadow Garden. John has been creating grass ecologies in public and private gardens for thirty years, such as LA's Norton Simon and the Getty Museum, Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida, and the San Diego Zoo. He has worked as an advisor to landscape architects including Pamela Burton, Andrea Cochran, Peter Walker and Partners, and James Corner Field Operations. He has designed private gardens for Diane Keaton, Katherine Bigelow, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi, Ed Harris, Tea Leoni, and Steven Spielberg.

Greenlee's movement to reinvent America's turf-lawn culture has grabbed headlines in major media sources such as The New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, Architectural Digest, Garden Design, the Los Angeles Times, and Sunset magazine. John lectures widely, appearing recently in Washington DC, Philadelphia, Maine, Victoria BC, Oregon, and throughout California. His lectures, like his gardens, rally for the transformation of lawns from staid, wasteful monocultures to sustainable, lively meadow gardens.

"John did for horticulture what Jack Kerouac did for literature," says Jim Marshall, general manager or Suncrest Nurseries in Watsonville. "Historically a garden has been an attempt to create order. The fallacy of that is that nature eventually dominates and the order at some point is going to be rendered unto nature. John brought nature into the garden in a way that transcended the need for order."

Rock and Rose Landscapes

Rock and Rose Landscapes is an award-winning leader in San Francisco Bay Area landscaping. With decades of combined experience, they are able to provide design, installation, and garden care services with expertise and professionalism.

The quality of Rock and Rose's work comes from their outstanding people: a team of the best and brightest, who have made superior results the standard of their organization.

Founded in 2005, Rock and Rose Landscapes brought in the talents from the management and staff of two of the Bay Area's finest landscape teams: Rock & Rose Landscaping and Birkmyer Associates Landscape Construction. Their passion is to create and care for great gardens. Whether building from cutting edge designs or caring for classic horticultural gardens, they deliver superior results because they love what they do and are good at it! Each garden project is approached from an individualistic angle: no two gardens are the same, nor are any two garden owners. Style, function, budget, and site all contribute to their approach and to the outcome. Wherever possible, they strive to employ sustainable solutions so that everyone can feel good about enjoying their gardens, without harming the environment.

For more information visit www.rockandrose.com.

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