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A Whimsical Dining Room

Here is a twist on the traditional dining room design -- think less grand and more whimsy.

Design Tips from Designer Marysia Rybock

1. Mix of contemporary and antique pieces

2. Invest in high quality upholstered pieces

3. Personalize your space and display things you love, tell your story

4. Have the ability to edit; at times it's not what you add but what you take away

5. Elsie de Wolfe says believe in optimism and plenty of white paint

Marysia Rybock's Bio

For Marysia, each house is a unique reflection of the individual client. After consulting with her client to develop a keen understanding of their needs, she begins the design process working with various materials, rugs, furniture, textiles, and antiques. She then proceeds to creating custom pieces as well as carefully choosing contemporary and antique pieces to create balance within the space. For her interior design is like painting on a canvas until the composition feels just right.

"I really enjoy the hands-on experience," she says. "It's my persona. I'm a very instinctual designer." She cherishes the creative and collaborative process with all project team members -- the architect, contractor, furniture maker, and artisan craftspeople of many disciplines.

Marysia believes in a seamless integration of interior design and architecture so that projects are harmonized from the inside out.

For more information visit www.scavullodesign.com.

A Designer Dream Home

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