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A Victorian Parlor Makeover

Homeowners Maggie and Peter use their old Victorian parlor on a regular basis. The problem is the room has an odd shape, and the homeowners have been stumped with how to decorate it. Lisa Quinn and the team create a comfortable and delightful space with an Asian flair.
Victorian Style Tips:
  • Victorian furniture is generally very well-made with solid wood. Often there are hand-painted embellishments added to the furniture like flowers or fruit. To get the look for less, you can paint your dresser or table a creamy color. Use stencils or free-hand to paint on your embellishments.
  • Visit flea markets and thrift shops to find treasures. You may find a great end table or an ornate headboard perfect for your room.
  • Add a vintage chandelier to your dining or living room. It can be a focal point and can add a romantic touch.
  • Candles can always add a soft romantic touch to a room.
  • Many Victorian styles include rich finishes and texture with details like painted trim and tiles.
Finding an Armchair for a Small Space:
  • Your armchair doesn't always have to match your sofa.
  • It's important to really pick a chair that fits your lifestyle. A beautiful chair may not be comfortable for sitting, and a really comfortable chair may not please you over the long haul. Test-drive all the chair styles that appeal to you and imagine living with each choice.
  • Consider your space when picking a chair. You want a chair that all family members can comfortably sit in without taking up too much space if your room is small.
Tips for Displaying your Photos Together:
  • Mix in pictures with subtle imagery with your family photos. It will help it not be too busy.
  • You can use all sorts of different frames but make sure your mats are the same color.
  • You can frame a pretty piece of fabric to add interest to the wall.
For More Information on Cew:
Painting- Varsitypainting.com
Paint- Kellymoore.com
Furniture Assembly- Konkordassembly.com
Furniture- IKEA.com
Junk Removal- 1800gotjunk.com
Lamp- Potterybarn.com
Segment 1
Mismatched, Old Victorian Parlor
Mismatched, Old Victorian Parlor
Lisa Quinn checks out an old parlor. She is quickly inspired by the potential for the space.
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Segment 2
Shopping for an Armchair
Shopping for an Armchair
Lisa Quinn searches for the perfect furniture to fit into a small space.
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Segment 3
Re-purposed Wall Art
Re-purposed Wall Art
Lisa Quinn turns a pile of old photos into beautiful display on the wall. Lisa shares the key to keeping it from looking busy.
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Segment 4
A Charming, Modern Victorian Parlor
A Charming, Modern Victorian Parlor
Lisa Quinn and the team turn the mismatched Victorian parlor into a delightful space. Lisa made use of Maggie's antiques to give it an Asian flair.
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