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A Tuscan Style Dining Room

Stay at home mom, Brooke and her husband Kevin, recently moved into a beautiful ranch-style home. They have a large entryway that also serves as their dining room. It's an odd space and they have been stumped with how to make it functional. Lisa Quinn checks it out and develops her plan of action.
Dining Room Decor Tips:
  • Mix vintage finds with modern furniture to give a room character.
  • Use candles for instant atmosphere.
  • If you use seat covers make sure they are durable and washable.
  • Help a small dining space appear bigger by using armless dining chairs.
Finding the Perfect Dining Room Table:
  • When picking a dining room table, make sure you take into account its shape and your lifestyle. A round table is great for conversation, but isn't great for accommodating lots of guests. A large rectangular table is great for entertaining.
  • Keep in mind the table's material. A glass table is nice for a small space. Glass tables make a space appear bigger.
  • Hardwood tables are more durable and long lasting.
For more information on the crew:
Painting- Varsitypainting.com
Paint- Kellymoore.com
Furniture Assembly- Konkordassembly.com
Furniture- IKEA.com
1-800-Got-Junk? -1800gotjunk.com
Segment 1
An Odd Space
An Odd Space
Lisa Quinn checks out an odd room. It serves as an entryway and dining room. Can she turn it into a functional room?
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Segment 2
Shopping for  a Console Table
Shopping for a Console Table
Lisa Quinn searches for the perfect item to give an odd room a more cohesive feel.
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Segment 3
A Cow-Hide Design
A Cow-Hide Design
Lisa Quinn updates a chest using cow-hide. She creates a fun look sure to be a conversational piece.
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Segment 4
A Great Room for Entertaining
A Great Room for Entertaining
Lisa Quinn turns an odd space into a fabulous Tuscan style retreat. And, homeowner Brooke gets ready to throw a party in her new dining room.
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Photo Gallery
Photos: A Tuscan Style Dining Room
Check out the before and after photos of this Tuscan style dining room.
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