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A Luxurious White Leather Bed

Lisa Quinn shops for a bed for Tracy. She finds a luxurious white leather bed.

Tips for Buying Bed Linens:
  • The higher the thread count is in your cotton sheets, the softer and more durable they are.
  • Merino wool blankets are great because they are really warm. Synthetic blankets are easier to wash and are usually non-allergenic.
  • A luxurious comforter will not only look great on your bed but will also help create a cozy, comfortable sleeping situation.

Creating a Beach Themed Room

Other segments featured on this episode of Home with Lisa Quinn:

Lisa Meets Tracy
Lisa Meets Tracy
Tracy's room is full of stuff and needs to be cleared out. Lisa Quinn decides on a theme for the space.
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Create Your Own Terrarium
Create Your Own Terrarium
Lisa Quinn adds accessories to the room to help create a beach vibe, including a do-it-yourself terrarium. Get a few tips for creating your own terrarium.
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A Beach Vibe
A Beach Vibe
Lisa Quinn pulls together a beach themed room for Tracy. Does Tracy like her new space?
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Web Exclusive: Room Color Themes and Rugs
Web Exclusive: Room Color Themes and Rugs
Lisa Quinn uses a gray shag rug to pull her design theme together in the room.
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