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A Dream Kitchen

Lisa Quinn checks out a dream kitchen. Find out how you can design a space with luxurious materials that are also kid friendly.

Design Tips from Jeff Schlarb

1) Decide on the purpose of the room before embarking on design - many times, lifestyle preferences are overlooked when selecting a room design, but this is something we really like to consider first at Green Couch Interior Design. If a particular room needs to function like an eating area and an informal seating arrangement, then scale in the appropriately sized pieces for the desired 'use' of the space. Regarding Kids: Do not be afraid of creating a stunning room that has a purpose that includes entertaining young children. For instance, if you have kids, you can still decorate with luxe fabrics that are stain resistant. It just takes a little creativity.

2) Create a focal point in your room: a beautiful chandelier can actually play a dual purpose in lighting and imagination, such as the Jefferson Mack light fixture from one of our favorite showrooms, Coup d' etat, which is in the showcase home.

3) Use what you have: Sometimes the bones of a room can have a whole new look and feel with fresh paint and accessories. At the Decorator Showcase, we left the existing pine cabinetry and flooring material; we painted and stained the surfaces, added whimsical handles to add interest and changed the entire feel of the room with that approach.

4) Don't be afraid of color: pops of color can add a lot of energy to a room. Even smartly placed throw pillows can create a lot of impact with minimal investment.

5) Think in shapes. Geometric patterns can add layers of intrigue to a room. Playing off of circles for instance, in art, furnishings, and lamps, for instance, can really pull together a room.

Jeff Schlarb's Bio

As Co-Founder of Green Couch Interior Design, Jeff has managed more than 1400 design projects from beginning to end since 2002. His portfolio of work includes furnishing entire residences, full scale property renovations and construction support. Jeff is fully engaged with how a home's architectural subtleties should be viewed, experienced and interpreted. He wants to create homes with an approachable elegance that are calming, charismatic and have articulate material choices. Green Couch has an ability to finish and layer in accessories, art, window treatments and fine touches that make a residence come to life. A designer, optimist, global traveler, husband, doting father, guitar player -- green couch lover.

A Designer Dream Home

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