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A Beach Vibe

Lisa Quinn pulls together a beach themed room for Tracy. Does Tracy like her new space?

Inside Scoop for a Bedroom Makeover by Fabian Scrivani

This week we ended up in San Francisco again-- what can we say, it's one of the most beautiful cities in the world-- and we're hooked! We met Tracy via Facebook and knew we could help her out. Tracy is a twenty-something working in retail and is trying to save up to move in with her boyfriend. She currently lives at her parent's house, and recently her brother moved out, so she figured she could get his room re-done and move right on in. She loves to shop and has a great sense of style, so Lisa knew we had to pull out all the stops and create an elegant, feminine bedroom Tracy would love. Spring is one of my favorite times of year design-wise because more vibrant and patterns and colors become available, and everything feels fresh. Lisa decided on an elegant 'under-sea' motif mixed with an organic beach vibe.

Lets talk wall color. As always, nothing changes the mood of a space more than the wall color. For Tracy, we chose a vibrant robin's egg/tiffany blue that really helped make the dated existing carpet look intentional. The foundation pieces needed to look worn and weathered, think driftwood, and we were lucky that IKEA had a great line of furniture for us. Lisa specified a gray, sort of white washed wood that lends a worn, lived in look-- very beach casual. A gorgeous white leather bed adds a glamorous element. Two night tables with sleek fronts and hidden storage will keep clutter to a minimum. Tracy had a clunky desktop computer that was being replaced by a laptop, so there wasn't a need for a traditional computer desk. Then again, storage was an issue, so Lisa decided on a secretary desk with a hutch for storage.

I have to say that I am SUPER proud of the sliding panel window treatments Brittany and I put together. Those suckers were a pain in the neck, but added a totally cool, indo-Asian vibe and a lot of wow factor. The rail system is totally adaptable so length can be added or subtracted easily. The panels are sold in rolls at IKEA and come in a bunch of colors and prints so they can be changed out if your tastes change. One tip I should mention is to triple check all your measurements before you begin. The one con with this rail system is that everything needs to be custom cut, so if your handy then by all means, jump right in-- or if you are like us and want to emit the look of handy-ness, buy EXTRA parts ha ha.

The accessories in this room had to be on point to carry off the look. Lisa explored the kitchen department at IKEA and bought different size jars to make terrariums. We mounted a Manzanita branch for sculptural interest above the dresser and added a glass hurricane with a striped blue candle for color. The bedding Lisa chose was simple, but had the subtle colors we used throughout the space, tying everything together. A silver frame and a few more candles were all it took to finish off the look.

Creating a Beach Themed Room

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