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Kitchen Basics and Beautiful Buffet Tables
Kitchen Basics and Beautiful Buffet Tables
Lisa Quinn learns the kitchen basics. The utensils you really need to have stocked in your kitchen. Plus, create a beautiful buffet table for your next party. And, learn the secret to making the perfect pork chop.
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Storage Unit Auctions, Appraising Finds, Reupholstering Furniture
Storage Unit Auctions, Appraising Finds, Reupholstering Furniture
Lisa Quinn goes to a storage unit auction. She finds out if one man's trash is really another's treasure. An appraiser visits the winning bidder of a storage unit to see what he found inside, and how much it will be worth if he tries to re-sell items. Plus, Lisa makes an old worn out piece of furniture look new.
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Home Office Makeover
Home Office Makeover
A messy home office becomes a sticking point for a San Francisco couple. Lisa Quinn helps create harmony with the couple, gets rid of the clutter and creates a functional space.
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Home with Lisa Quinn

The Host
Lisa Quinn is the host of Home with Lisa Quinn on the Live Well Network.

Groom Your Brows and Lashes

How to Groom Your Brows and Apply False Lashes
When properly groomed, eyebrows and lashes can make you appear younger.

Healthy Juicing Recipes

Healthy Juice Recipes and What To Do With Leftover Juicing Pulp
Here are some delicious juicing recipes and a dessert you can make from the leftover pulp!
Stretching Your Dollar

4 DIY Rose Centerpieces

4 DIY Rose Centerpieces For Your Wedding
With a few tricks of the trade you can pull off some gorgeous centerpieces for a lot less!