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Tasty Pasta Meals
Tasty Pasta Meals
Bruce Aidells makes lasagna packed with artichokes and mushrooms. Plus, Chef Cory Chen cooks up garlic crab with noodles. And, Kristine Kidd shares her recipe for a spaghetti carbonara with kale -- a rich and satisfying recipe.
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Fabulous Brunch Recipes
Fabulous Brunch Recipes
Bruce Aidells makes a frittata using leftovers. And, Chef Mark Ainsworth bakes an apple and date coffee cake crisp.
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Great German Dishes
Great German Dishes
Bruce Aidells shows you how to make some great German dishes. Plus, Nell Newman shares a recipe for her dad's favorite orange chocolate angel food cake.
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Good Cookin' With Bruce Aidells Video

Good Cookin'

The Host
Chef Bruce Aidells, who has written an array of cookbooks, is now hosting Good Cookin'.
Stretching Your Dollar

Inexpensive DIY Photo Booth

Inexpensive DIY Photo Booth For Your Wedding
No matter what the celebration, photo booths are all the rage!

Don't Dump It!

Don't Dump It! Turn Food Scraps into Dinner
Don't dump that food in the garbage just yet. Find out how to throw a trashy dinner party using food we'd normally toss out.

DIY Makeup Organization

How to Organize Your Makeup with These Easy DIY Tips
These cheap and even free DIY's will keep your beauty products from being messy.