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Top Chef Rivals Share Best Burger Recipes

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Chef Ryan Scott invites fellow Top Chef rival Richard Blais to his San Francisco test kitchen for a burger competition. Each chef puts their own spin on this American classic.
After being on Top Chef, Ryan went on to open up restaurants and Richard went back home to Atlanta to create 'Flip Burger.' He calls it the modern burger boutique.

Since Richard is the king of gourmet burgers, Ryan decides to make a veggie burger to compete against Richard's more traditional burger. To prepare, Ryan first heads to a local grocery store to get plenty of ideas for ingredients for his veggie burger. He chooses beets, which are low in calories and fat, as the star of his vegetarian burger. The other main ingredients in Ryan's tasty veggie burger are lentils, cashews and bulgur.

Richard puts his spin on the traditional burger by topping it with caramelized onions, bacon and cheddar cheese. He serves it on an English muffin.

Both Richard and Ryan make fried side dishes to go with their burgers. Ryan makes fripps -- fried potatoes -- and Richard fries up onion rings.

You can find these recipes in Richard's cookbook called 'Try This At Home.' For more information visit

Segment 1
Richard Blais Burger with Candied Onions, Braised Bacon and Cheddar
Richard Blais' Burger with Candied Onions, Braised Bacon and Cheddar
Serving this burger on a homemade English muffin is the absolute best finishing touch to this cheeseburger.
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Segment 2
Vegetarian Beet Burger
Vegetarian Beet Burger
This vegetarian beet burger can be crumbly and a bit messy to eat, but worth it!
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Segment 3
Richard Blais Vidalia Onion Rings
Richard Blais' Vidalia Onion Rings
Start with sweet Vidalia onions and marinate them in buttermilk, then coat them in a tempura style batter and fry them until they're golden and crunchy.
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Segment 4
Fripps (aka Battered and Fried Potatoes)
Fripps (aka Battered and Fried Potatoes)
This recipe has an unexpected spin on the traditional side where the potato chip meets the French fry.
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Photo Gallery
Ryan Scotts fellow Top Chef contestant Richard Blais joins him in the kitchen.
Behind-the-Scenes Photos: Ryan and Richard Blais in Kitchen
Ryan Scott's fellow Top Chef contestant Richard Blais joins him in the kitchen.
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