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Tasty Steak and Potato Sandwich

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Ryan goes on a trip to The Yellow Submarine, his favorite mom and pop sandwich spot in San Francisco. The savory subs inspire him to create his own sandwich twist. Before he gets started, he heads to the Golden Gate Meat Company to get a personal tour of what happens to our meat before it's served.
Segment 1
Steak and Cheese Sandwich
Steak and Cheese Sandwich
Juliet, the owner of The Yellow Submarine, shares a recipe for a homemade steak and cheese sandwich.
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Segment 2
Avocado and Cheese Sandwich
Avocado and Cheese Sandwich
Juliet, the owner of The Yellow Submarine, shows Ryan how to make one of his favorites, the avocado and cheese sandwich.
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Segment 3
Breaking Down the Best Cuts
Breaking Down the Best Cuts
Come with Ryan on the personal tour of the Golden Gate Meat Company, San Francisco's oldest meat packing factory. The resident meat expert Justin shares some tips for selecting the best cuts.
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Segment 4
Ryans Steak and Potato Sandwich
Ryan's Steak and Potato Sandwich
Ryan puts a twist on the traditional steak and potatoes dish.
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Photo Gallery
Behind-the-Scenes Photos: The Yellow Submarine
Go behind the scenes with Ryan as he takes a trip to The Yellow Submarine in San Francisco.
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Food Rush

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