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Ryan Cooks with Traci Des Jardins

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Ryan Scott cooks with Chef Traci Des Jardins, the award-winning chef of "Top Chef Masters" and "Iron Chef." After hearing some of Traci's tips and tricks in the kitchen, Ryan puts a balsamic berry cocktail on the menu for a charity event. But here's the kicker -- he's the bartender!
Segment 1
Warm Artichoke and Bread Salad
Warm Artichoke and Bread Salad
Ryan meets with Chef Traci Des Jardins, co-owner of "Jardinière" restaurant. Traci takes Ryan into her kitchen and shows him how to make her warm artichoke and bread salad.
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Segment 2
Tasty Guacamole
Tasty Guacamole
Come hungry, because Ryan's slow description of Mexico's tableside guacamole will get your mouth watering just like the hosts on KGO Radio! Check out these tips on how to make it.
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Segment 3
Traci Des Jardins Duck Meatball Sliders
Traci Des Jardin's Duck Meatball Sliders
Ryan and Traci put the finishing touches on the warm artichoke and bread salad, and then move onto the duck meatball sliders. Just one bite, and Ryan can't help but hug Traci out of happiness. If you're craving Traci Des Jardin's sizzling meatball sliders, try making your own version at home. These are great bite-sized eats for parties and barbeques that everyone will love.
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Segment 4
Mixing Drinks 101
Mixing Drinks 101
Ryan meets Greg, the bar manager at "Jardinière," who's going to be showing him how to do everything behind the bar. Even though Ryan has zero experience bartending, his eager and enthusiastic spirit is ready to take on any challenge. Greg shows him how to shake, muddle, and mix like a pro. If you're a bartending beginner like Ryan, you won't want to miss this Mixing Drinks 101!
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Segment 5
Ryan Guest Bartends at Jardinière
Ryan Guest Bartends at Jardinière
In this segment, Ryan finally gets the hang of mixing drinks at the bar. The customers are taken by his enthusiastic charm, and he even gets a round of applause for his efforts! But the real test is in the drink. Watch and find out if his balsamic berry cocktail was a hit, or if he still needs to work on those shaking skills.
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Photo Gallery
Behind-the-Scenes Photos: Ryan cooks with Traci Des Jardins
Go behind the scenes as Chef Ryan Scott cooks with Traci Des Jardins and tends bar at "Jardinière."
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