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Restaurant Interior Design

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Restaurant Interior Design

Ryan runs into some problems as his restaurant begins to take shape. He finds out the new sign for his restaurant is the wrong color and size. It's just days away from opening day, what will he do? And, "Jack of All Trades" Tyson helps Ryan out with the interior decor of his new restaurant. Get a few interior design tips from Tyson.

Tyson's Interior Design Tips:

1) The Rule of 3 -- Always do things in odd numbers so it achieves good balance and is always atheistically pleasing.

2) Consider color theory with regards to interior design so it can stimulate feelings in people, for eating areas you want to stimulate hunger and excitement with the colors red, orange and yellow, it keeps people moving fast.

3) When you have the height feel free to fill out the walls to help accentuate the shape of the room and to give people's eyes dance around a lot to give them interest.

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