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Party Pontoon on Bass Lake

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Chef Ryan Scott takes a few days off and heads to a childhood vacation spot, Bass Lake, California. He stops at a few old haunts to see if the food is as good as he remembers and then takes some friends out on a pontoon boat, cooking up smoked trout reuben melts and a drink that's part beer, part margarita.
Every year, Chef Ryan Scott takes some time off from his restaurants and takes a road trip to Bass Lake, California. It's a great spot for outdoor fun, with 80 degree water temperatures and being just a short distance from Yosimite National Park. Being in Bass Lake makes Ryan feel like a kid again, as he grew up near by.

Ryan checks out a couple of old haunts. First up is Pete's Place, where he's always loved their classic tuna sandwich. Owner Pete Kanas says the white albacore tuna he uses makes the best sandwich. Pete shows Ryan how to make his classic sandwich, but Ryan has a trick or two to show Pete as well - grilling the tuna salad directly on the grill to make it crispy and also adding some avocado.

Pete's skeptical, but he likes the results.

"Not too bad," he admits. "Pretty good."

Across the street, Ryan visits the Pizza Factory where owner Rob Lantham shows him how to make their unique pepperoni and cashew pizza as well as teaching Ryan how to spin dough. Rob makes it look easy, but Ryan finds it a bit more challenging. His first throw doesn't go so well and he makes a hole in the dough, but Rob says he's doing well for his first time.

"I love how everybody in the back is laughing," says Ryan.

"My first time, it went over the counter," says Rob. "My second time, it went on a girl's head."

Rob shares his motto with Ryan - "If it looks good, it cooks good," meaning he doesn't measure toppings but aims to cover the pizza well. The first run through the oven cooks the pizza dough with just the cheese and pepperoni. The second pass finishes the pizza and gives the cashews a golden roast.

"Cheers to the pizza master," says Ryan. "Thank you for all the years of making great pie."

Next up, Ryan takes some friends on a fishing boat and prepares his menu for the party - orzo and grilled sausage salad, grilled watermelon salad, and smoked trout reuben melts with Ryan's homemade Thousand Island dressing. Ryan shows how he takes the skin off the trout fillets and then scrapes the remaining white flesh off of the back of the trout fillet. The key to making a great reuben is really straining the sauerkraut, Ryan says, so that your sandwich doesn't get soggy.

Ryan makes a twist on the ordinary summer pasta salad by using orzo, a small pasta that resembles rice. He adds plenty of peppers and a spicy vinagrette, as well as sausage, to make it delicious.

On the boat, Ryan shows his guests how to make his watermelon salad with salsa verde vinagrette. He adds salt to the watermelon to bring out all the natural sweetness and flavors. He adds the grilled sausage to the pasta salad, noting that the heat from the sausage helps the ingredients absorb the vinagrette's flavors. He shows his guests how to make "beer-aritas," a combination of of beer and margaritas.

Finally, they dig into Ryan's menu, and everyone gives him a big thumbs up. They enjoy some music and fishing on beautiful Bass Lake.
Segment 1
Chef Ryan Scott takes camp food to a whole new level.  He creates jalapeno garlic espresso steak, triple stuffed potatoes and bananas foster.
Ryan Visits Bass Lake, California
Chef Ryan Scott returns to one of his favorite childhood vacation spots, Bass Lake, California, where he tries two of his old favorites - a classic tuna melt and pepperoni-cashew pizza.
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Segment 2
Chef Ryan Scott cooks up a smoked trout melt on a party pontoon with some friends. He uses homemade thousand Island dressing.
Smoked Trout Reuben Melt
A mouth-watering spin on the ordinary, classic tuna melt that's great with Ryan's homemade Thousand Island dressing.
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Segment 3
Forget about the same old food at the campfire.  Go gourmet with Chef Ryan Scotts recipe for a jalapeno garlic espresso steak.
Grilled Andouille Sausage Orzo Salad
This isn't your ordinary pasta salad. It is an impressive mouthful of flavors.
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Segment 4
Ryans party not complete without a delicious and refreshing drink. He makes agave salted beer-aritas with grilled limes, a cross between beer and margaritas.
Agave Salted Beer-aritas with Grilled Limes
This delicious and refreshing drink is a cross between beer and margaritas.
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Segment 5
Chef Ryan Scott cooks up a smoked trout melt on a party pontoon with some friends. He uses homemade thousand Island dressing.
Homemade Thousand Island Dressing
This homemade recipe for the classic Thousand Island dressing is delightful as a spread, dressing, or dip.
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Segment 6
Watermelon Tomato Mozzarella Salad with Salsa Verde Vinaigrette
Watermelon Tomato Mozzarella Salad with Salsa Verde Vinaigrette
Refreshing summer salad with a kick.
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Photo Gallery
Behind-the-Scenes Photos: Party Pontoon on Bass Lake, California
Go behind the scenes as Chef Ryan Scott visits his childhood vacation spot, Bass Lake, California.
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