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How To Taste Chocolate

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How To Taste Chocolate

Ryan tests out different types of chocolate for his chocolate hazelnut mousse cake.

TCHO Chocolate Tips On How To Taste Chocolate:

We take all aspects of chocolate pretty seriously, including the way we taste it! Want to taste like we do? Follow these six steps and prepare to enter a whole new world of chocolate.

1. Look at the color of the chocolate even and consistent? Does it have a shiny finish? Let your mind think about devouring it, before it even touches your lips.

2. Listen Up! Your ears are another tool that can assess the quality of chocolate. Bring the piece of chocolate to your ear, and break it- what do you hear? When you snap a piece of good chocolate into two, listen for a clean, bright, snapping sound.

3. Smell shapes what you taste. Warm up the chocolate a bit by rubbing it in between your fingers -- releasing aromas directly tied to flavor notes. Rub, inhale and note the aromas.

4. Taste your chocolate! But don't chew... just let it melt. Many complex flavor notes can be found in every bite of chocolate, what you taste is completely unique to your palate; there is no wrong answer! So, what do you taste?

5. Feel the texture of the chocolate in your mouth. As it continues to melt, note what it actually feels like. A high quality chocolate will be smooth and silky.

6. Aftertaste, or the end flavor notes of a chocolate can be very different than those in the beginning. It's not uncommon for the flavor and feel of a chocolate to change while tasting. Also, the length, or amount of time, you experience flavor can be an indication of quality as well.

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