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Gourmet Pizza Recipes

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Chef Ryan Scott goes on a gourmet pizza tour and visits four different chefs to learn their secrets to creating the perfect pie. And, a few of San Francisco's favorite pizzerias share their recipes.

Ryan's catering clients want him to create a gourmet pizza party for them. So, he decides to visit his friends who make some of the best pizza in San Francisco. To get to each place, Ryan rides on a Go Car to get a unique feel for the city during his pizza taste test.

Ryan learns the key to making a delicious New York style pizza from Buzzy Campisano of Za Pizza. He shares a few tips:

    1. When baking, add cornmeal and flour to the bottom of your pizza to make it firmer.

    2. Let the pizza dough sit out for forty five minutes to let it breathe and adjust to room temperature.

    3. Keep the pizza round at all times, while padding it down for air bubbles by using your fingers.

    4. Don't put too much sauce on your pizza; use the back side of the ladle to spread the sauce on the dough.

    5. Don't put too many toppings on a pizza; try using only three or four.

    6. Use essential tools like a pizza stone when cooking pizzas at home in your oven.

On the hunt for the perfect pie ideas for his next catering gig, Ryan meets up with Jon Darsky, the owner of the mobile Del Popolo Pizza Truck.

Del Popolo Pizza Truck is the most unusual pizza joint you will find. The truck allows owner Jon Darsky to get out into the community and explore different locations every day. It is a modified standard trans-Atlantic shipping container, 20 feet long by 8 feet wide.

Jon takes Ryan up into the truck and shows how he makes his classic Neapolitan wood fired pizza topped with mozzarella, pancetta, potatoes and green garlic.

Then, Ryan learns how to make Chicago-style deep dish pizza from expert pizza maker Francisco 'Patxi' Azpiroz, owner of Paxti's Pizza. Here's his tips:
1. Use a Pyrex Pie pan about 2 inches deep.
2. Use a pizza stone.
3. Use lots of butter.
4. Don't open the oven.

Ryan's pizza tour is almost complete. He has some great ideas for his client's party. His final stop is at Tony's Pizza Napoletana where he meets the owner, Tony Gemignani, who is a ten-time world pizza champion. He shows Ryan how he makes his award-winning Pizza Margherita.

Tony's Gemingnani's tips:
1. Let the weight on dough drag so it can be nice and airy.
2. If using fresh tomatoes as sauce remove all the seeds to take out the bitterness.
3. Tear basil by hands taking out the stems.
4. Pinch the mozzarella with your hands.

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Segment 1
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Chicago Style Deep-Dish Pizza
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Pizza Margherita Classic
Pizza Margherita Classic
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