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Delicious Beer Inspired Dishes

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Ryan visits a brewery where he samples and cooks with different ales. Ryan makes his own beer inspired dishes and gets an expert to sample his creations.

Ryan has applied to get a beer and wine license for his restaurant Market and Rye, and it inspires him to create some dishes made with beer for his menu.

He visits the ThirstyBear Brewing Company and goes for a tour to try out some different ales.

Back at Market and Rye, Ryan makes three dishes with beer: Braised Pork Shoulder, Beer and Cheddar Soup, and Beer and Shellfish.

Ryan invites beer expert and "Brewing Network" host Justin Crossley over to try his newest creations, along with a beer flavored dessert.

ThirstyBear Brewing Company
611 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 974-0905

For more information on Justin Crossley's Brewing Network:

Segment 1
Beer Braised Chorizo and Onions
Beer Braised Chorizo and Onions
Lots of crusty bread for dipping is required for this beer braised chorizo and onion recipe.
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Segment 2
Beer Braised Pork Shoulder
Beer Braised Pork Shoulder
The sweet and tangy flavor of this pork is mouthwatering, and is delicious in sandwiches, sliders or even a filling for empanadas.
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Segment 3
Beer Braised Pork Sandwich
Beer Braised Pork Sandwich
The beer flavored pork topped with the tangy slaw is a crowd pleaser. It also makes a great appetizer slider.
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Segment 4
Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage with Crispy Pancetta
Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage with Crispy Pancetta
A tangy relish topping for a sandwich or delicious served alone.
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Segment 5
Beer and Cheddar Soup
Beer and Cheddar Soup
The combination of sharp and smoked cheddar makes this rich soup a winner.
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Segment 6
Clams and Beer
Clams and Beer
Mussels, cockles, clams and/or shrimp are all delicious in this fragrant broth. Serve this with sourdough bread for dipping.
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Segment 7
Beer Float
Beer Float
A sweet adult way to end a meal!
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Photo Gallery
Behind-the-Scenes Photos: Cooking with Beer
Go behind the scenes as Ryan Scott visits a Ryan visits a brewery and cooks with different ales.
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