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Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

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Chef Ryan visits a restaurant that utilizes chocolate in almost all their dishes. The Mediterranean fusion food is unique and interesting, but the eleven kinds of hot chocolate they serve might be even better!

Next, Ryan talks to David, the owner of Chocolate about his vision for the restaurant, and the city of Santa Cruz. He meets the owner's pet dog, named Cocoa, in theme with the restaurant. This place uses every kind of chocolate available to them, including white chocolate and pure dark chocolate. In the kitchen, Ryan works with David to make a chocolate barbeque sauce, which he tries in a pork dish they make. Ryan sits with some locals enjoying their chocolate-infused meals. Ryan also gets a taste of the various types of hot chocolate they offer. Is it possible to eat too much chocolate?

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Savory Meets Sweet in Seaside Santa Cruz

Other segments featured on this episode of Food Rush:

From the Sea to the Grill
From the Sea to the Grill
Ryan tries his hand at fishing with the aid of some local fisherman. He delivers the fish to Stagnaro Brothers Fish Market and then uses a fresh Halibut to create a fish dish with grilled peach salsa.
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Poke at Pono
Poke at Pono
Ryan heads to Pono Hawaiian Grill, to meet up with the owner Timmy Hunt, better known as "Braddah Timmy." Pono is located inside the Reef Bar, a popular spot for locals, surfers, and students alike. Chef Ryan makes sure to try their signature drink while listening to a Hawaiian band jam out at the bar.
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Candy Cap Mushroom Ice Cream
Candy Cap Mushroom Ice Cream
Chef Ryan Scott indulges in a sweet treat at an ice creamery that makes a point of using local ingredients and making all their own toppings. Despite this, their creativity is unhindered, showing off flavors such as "Candy Cap Mushroom".
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