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Chef Ryan Scott Tries Cheap Eats in Washington D.C.

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Chef Ryan Scott travels to the nation's capital to discover the city's most delicious and inexpensive food. Join Ryan as he finds unique Turkish, Irish, and Dominican food under ten bucks and then creates his own version so you can try them at home!
Ryan begins his food journey at Ben's Chili Bowl where meets co-founder Virginia Ali and learns how to make their famous chili half smoke chili dog. Open since 1958, this restaurant is a landmark and has been visited by President Obama, Bill Cosby and plenty of other famous faces.

Their world famous half smoke is larger and spicier than the normal chili dog. It's smoked twice - once before it's put in the casing and again after it's in the casing. This delicious dog and some fries are less than $10.

Ryan shares a half smoke with Virginia and loves every bite.

"How about this is the most amazing dog I've had in my whole life?" asks Ryan.

"That makes you very handsome," says Virginia.

Next, Ryan moves from chili dogs to Turkish delights at Café Divan, the very first Turkish restaurant in D.C. There, he learns the secret for cooking the perfect meat for their tasty signature dish - the Doner Kebab. Owner Cavit Ozturk shows Ryan how to build the kebab, which with a drink, costs only $9.75, but tastes wonderful.

"Here's your ten bucks! I would pay a million for this sandwich," says Ryan.

After taking a step into the world of Turkish cooking, he heads to the other side of the globe and tries Dominican cuisine at Los Hermanos Dominican Restaurant, where he learns how to make fried plantains and steak with onions and pepper. To start, he wants to know: what is Dominican food?

"Dominican food is like soul food for Caribbean people," says owner Raymond Compres, whose family started Los Hermanos.

Then Ryan meets Raymond's twin brother Aris and his mom Mercedes in the kitchen. Mercedes shows Ryan how to peel a green plantain and set them into the fryer. Then they get set on the beef, which is seasoned with Dominican oregano, which the import directly because it tastes different than domestic oregano. It smells so delicious, and Ryan can't wait to dive in. It's so good he kisses Mercedes and hugs Aris and then goes to sit and play dominos with their dad.

Last up is Sine Irish Pub in Pentagon City. "Sine" means "the place to be," and this pub is the place to get Irish Nachos, a spin on nachos made with potato chips instead of tortilla chips. The potato chips are fresh cut and fried at Sine, and the sauce surprises Ryan: ranch dressing.

"That's like a big ol' cannonball of nachos jumping into a ranch pool," says Ryan.

Ryan hands over his $10 and gets a beer too, since he helped cook. Overall, it's been an amazing day in America's capital city with delicious food for not a lot of money.

Want to try these recipes at home? After his day of eating, Ryan headed back to his own kitchen to create his own version of all these delicious recipes!
Segment 1
Classic Chili Dog
Classic Chili Dog
Smoky delicious chili dogs that are so simple to make!
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Segment 2
Veal and Lamb Kebab Pita Sandwiches
Veal and Lamb Kebab Pita Sandwiches
Chef Ryan Scott's version of the huge kebab slab that you can make at home.
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Segment 3
Bistek Saborizado with Tostones and Chiles
Bistek Saborizado with Tostones and Chiles
Try Ryan's steak and plantains instead of your typical steak and potatoes dinner!
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Segment 4
Irish Nachos
Irish Nachos
Not your typical nachos, these are packed with flavor.
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Photo Gallery
Photos: Chef Ryan Scott in Washington D.C.
Go behind the scenes as Chef Ryan Scott eats his way through the popular restaurants in Washington, D.C.
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